Advancing Towards a Secure Future: Exein's Highlights from We Make the Future Festival

Advancing Towards a Secure Future: Exein's Highlights from We Make the Future Festival

A few weeks ago, Exein’s team headed to the We Make the Future Festival in Rimini. This renowned festival is the largest Italian event dedicated to Digital Innovation, shining a spotlight on the latest advancements in AI, robotics, martech, ethics, sustainability, and much more.

We set off from Rome amidst heavy rainfall, causing all roads leading to the highway to be flooded. The usual four-hour journey from Rome to Rimini turned into a six-hour adventure.

Finally, we arrived in Rimini, where fortunately the sun was shining!

There's nothing better than taking a long walk along the promenade to stretch your legs after hours of driving. After an early dinner at a local seafood restaurant, we discussed our plans for the next day and headed to bed.

At 8 am we were already inside the festival grounds.

From vertical events showcasing cutting-edge technologies to presentations by national and international startups, as well as the stories and experiences shared on the main stage by international professionals from various industries, WMF is the go-to event for anyone in Italy looking to stay ahead of the curve and face future changes and challenges with awareness and fearlessness.

And yes, among the many talks , Exein was also there, taking part in the festival.

Gerardo Gagliardo, our Chief Financial Officer, delivered a speech at the Cybersecurity Open Stage. The talk centered around Exein's mission and our approach to addressing daily challenges of cybersecurity.  

Gerardo discussed various significant topics, about IoT and the escalating breaches of connected devices. He presented real-life instances of security threats to IoT devices, underscoring the necessity for robust protection.

Moreover, he highlighted the dual role of AI as both a valuable ally and a potential risk for cybersecurity.

Gerardo explored how we use Artificial Intelligence at Exein and how it strengthens security measures by detecting anomalies, offering real-time monitoring, and identifying potential threats.

Enjoy this video and gain valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities offered by AI.

Gerardo Gagliardo at WMF 2023
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