Introducing the Exein Tech Blog, where our team of engineers and developers delve deep into our cutting-edge cybersecurity solution. From discussing the latest industry trends to providing in-depth analysis of our own open-source product, our blog is a go-to source for all things cybersecurity.

A tale of TimescaleDB, SQLx and testing in Rust

At Exein, we use TimescaleDB with SQLx for data storage across services. This article discusses our recent changes to database testing, the challenges we faced, and the solutions we derived.

Container Support in Pulsar

Our Rust Engineer, Michal Rostecki, recently discussed about how Pulsar supports containers and enhances their security. This blog post is a simplified overview of his talk.

Pulsar preventing vulnerabilities #1 - polkit (CVE-2021-4034)

The post dives into CVE-2021-4034 (PwnKit) and demonstrates how Pulsar, our open-source Linux security agent, acts as the frontline defense against known vulnerabilities in IoT environments. This post inaugurates a series spotlighting Pulsar's prowess against diverse CVEs.