Exein at Embedded World: Showcasing Security and Navigating the EU Cyber Resilience Act

Exein at Embedded World: Showcasing Security and Navigating the EU Cyber Resilience Act

Exein had another successful year at Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, marking our third consecutive appearance. We reconnected with familiar faces and welcomed a wave of new visitors, including engineers, developers, and decision-makers from diverse industries. These engaging interactions allowed for a vibrant exchange of ideas and insights on the evolving landscape of embedded security.

Throughout the conference, we showcased Exein Runtime's capabilities, demonstrating how it provides real-time security for embedded devices. Our expert team was proud to clarify the unique benefits of our advanced technology, emphasizing its ability to guard devices against a broad spectrum of threats.

Cyber Resilience Act: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Beyond showcasing Exein Runtime's capabilities through live demos, the event offered a platform for thought leadership.  In a captivating talk at the Exhibitors Forum (Hall 3A), our Chief Technology Officer, Giovanni Alberto Falcione, delivered a deep dive into the recently introduced Cyber Resilience Act (CRA).

The speech dived into the impact of the Act on cybersecurity, particularly for businesses and manufacturers of digital and IoT devices within the EU.  He explored the challenges and opportunities presented by the CRA, highlighting how organizations can leverage this regulatory framework to their advantage.

Demystifying the CRA for Enhanced Security

The CRA strengthens cyber resilience by introducing stricter cybersecurity standards for digital products. In this presentation our CTO unpacked key elements of the Act, including lifecycle security, risk management, and the importance of designing secure products from the very beginning. By proactively addressing these areas, organizations can not only improve their overall security posture but also gain a competitive edge.

Exein remains committed to supporting businesses in navigating the CRA.  We offer a comprehensive guide to help you understand the Act's requirements, effectively implement embedded security solutions, and transform regulatory compliance into a strategic advantage.

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