Exein at RustLab ๐Ÿฆ€

Exein at RustLab ๐Ÿฆ€

A Journey in Innovation and Community

The Rustlab conference in Florence was an enlightening experience for the Exein team. The event spanned several days, starting with a day of workshops followed by two conference days.

As proud sponsors and exhibitors of RustLab, we participated in both the workshops and talks. We were thrilled to connect with numerous Rustaceans, sharing ideas and knowledge about our open-source project, Pulsar, which is crucial to our Exein Runtime security solution.

We thoroughly enjoyed our in-depth conversations about our Rust-based solution and had the opportunity to illustrate its real-time security capabilities for embedded devices.

About Pulsar...

Pulsar is a cutting-edge runtime security observability framework tailored for IoT and edge computing. Built entirely in Rust, Pulsar delivers high-speed performance in resource-constrained environments. It utilizes eBPF technology to collect system activity information directly from the kernel, offering a safer and faster alternative without the need for kernel patching.

Our Talk: Enhancing Rust with BTF Debug Format Support

On the second day, in the GEEK room, our Rust expert Michal Rostecki gave an insightful presentation on Aya, a Rust library for utilizing eBPF technology in the Linux kernel. He discussed Aya's efforts to enhance feature parity, with a focus on BTF (BPF Type Format), a crucial debug format for accessing structure fields in the Linux kernel.

He also covered recent advancements in Aya and bpf-linker, including BTF generation, the role of LLVM, and the steps taken to provide comprehensive BTF information for Rust programs. Attendees learned about improving eBPF program deployment and debugging through effective BTF integration. The audience actively participated, sharing ideas and perspectives on future opportunities and challenges.

Enhancing Rust with BTF Debug Format Support

Summing up Rustlab2023

Overall the event was a grand display of speakers, experts, and projects, marking a pinnacle of fresh insights, innovations, and discoveries. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers whose dedication and passion for the Rust community made this event a resounding success.

While Rust boasts numerous qualities, its greatest strength undeniably lies in the community of dedicated individuals. Their collective effort has transformed working with Rust into a fulfilling and enriching experience, making it more than just a programming language. 

In the end, RustLab was not just an occasion for sharing and learning, it was also a moment of entertainment and meeting with new people in a friendly environment.

We take pride in being part of this wonderful family and can't wait to join RustLab 2024!

If you didn't have the chance to attend Rustlab this year and learn about our reality and our rust-based, open-source project, we invite you to visit Pulsar on Github.

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