Reduce the Cost of Security Breaches with Cutting-Edge IoT Security

Reduce the Cost of Security Breaches with Cutting-Edge IoT Security

The latest "Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023" from IBM delivers startling figures for critical infrastructure industries. With costs soaring to over USD 5 million this year, these organizations—including financial services, industrial, technology, energy, transportation, communication, healthcare, education, and the public sector—are feeling the pinch. The data breach costs they face are a staggering USD 1.26 million higher than the industry average, marking a 28.6% difference.

And it doesn’t stop there. This year's figure shows a 4.6% jump from the 2022 average, pushing critical infrastructure industries further into the danger zone.

Why Risk It? Secure your infrastructure with Exein Runtime

With Exein Runtime, you ensure that your interconnected devices stay secured.

Peak Performance, Lean Budget: Don't let costs hold back your smart factory's potential. Achieve unmatched performance with Exein Runtime, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Edge Security for All Device Strengths: Whether your device is the latest model or a few cycles old, Exein Runtime guarantees relentless protection. Our on-device machine learning vigilantly detects and thwarts threats—even offline.

Blend and Boost: Exein Runtime's modular design means you won't need a system overhaul. It integrates seamlessly, elevating your existing setup's defenses.

Unravel real savings for smart factories

Every moment of downtime in your IoT infrastructure hits your factory hard—lost output, mounting maintenance costs, and dwindling trust from customers. By integrating Exein Runtime into your machinery, these unforeseen costs can be drastically reduced.

Want to see the impact? Answer 3 questions in our downtime-cost calculator and see your potential savings, when implementing Exein Runtime.

Disclaimer: Actual savings may vary, and actually improve, based on the number of devices to secure and your own cost per hour of downtime.

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