Introducing Alex Neidhart, Country Manager DACH at Exein

Introducing Alex Neidhart, Country Manager DACH at Exein

Beyond Sales Targets: Making an Impact with Exein's Cybersecurity Solutions

Before diving into my professional life, I'd like to share something more personal that greatly shapes me. My life is profoundly influenced by sports. From a young age, I developed a deep passion for athletics, particularly team handball, which I approached with relentless energy and commitment. Currently, I maintain my fitness through regular gym visits, with boxing being my preferred sport. This not only keeps me fit but also brings immense satisfaction in my daily life.

I also have a great love for outdoor activities. I often spend my lunch breaks taking long, rejuvenating walks in the forest. There's a certain sense of peace and tranquility that I find when surrounded by nature. This connection to the outdoors is beneficial not only for my physical health but also for my mental wellbeing. Walking outdoors, especially during the changing seasons, is an effective way to alleviate anxiety and stress.

And as for my working life, my academic journey led me to the field of economics, with a specific focus on trade. This foundation set the stage for the early years of my career, which were spent working in sales on an international level. I also dabbled in marketing for a while, but always product oriented, gaining valuable skills and insights. However, at my core, I've always been sales-oriented. The art of negotiation and the opportunity to connect with people are the aspects of sales that resonate with me the most.

When I joined Exein, it was at a pivotal moment in my life. I had just gotten married, and just moved into a new home. I was also at a point where I was ready for a new career challenge. Initially, I was leaning towards larger companies, but when I stumbled upon Exein, I was captivated by its potential. Even though I didn't possess a wealth of knowledge about software, the company's concept appealed to me instantly. I realized it was an opportunity to be part of something in its early stages, something that had the potential to grow exponentially. I grew tired of being a small fish in the big pond of corporate companies. At Exein, this is a daily occurrence, as every employee contributes significantly.

What excites me about Exein and my role? I find immense satisfaction in building a strong pipeline and promoting Exein as a leading brand in the German market. I enjoy acquiring customers, increasing our brand’s visibility, and raising awareness about the vital importance of cybersecurity. Persuading companies to prioritize cybersecurity, especially for IoT devices, is a significant challenge. However, I believe in it and embrace this challenge wholeheartedly.

​​What truly distinguishes my experience at Exein is the significant impact our products have on our clients' lives.

It is highly rewarding to see firsthand how our solutions empower companies, providing them with the security and peace of mind they deserve.

Working in sales at Exein for me isn't just about reaching quotas and meeting sales targets. It's about passionately advocating for and promoting products that I genuinely believe in, and would not hesitate to recommend to my closest friends and family. It's about standing behind a product that I truly think can change lives for the better.

Every day, I am reminded of the impact our products can have, and this fuels my passion and dedication. It's a responsibility I take seriously each day, always striving to do my best and fully understanding the importance of the role I play within the organization and for our customers.

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