Introducing Candida Falcone, Executive Assistant to CEO

Introducing Candida Falcone, Executive Assistant to CEO

The perfect journey is circular. The joy of departure, the joy of return.

Born and raised in a small town with few opportunities, I've always craved growth and evolution. My biggest challenge has been my tendency to become bored easily, which was amplified by the repetitive environment and familiar faces around me. More than just personal development, I aspired to exceed my circumstances, discover new horizons, and continuously push the boundaries of possibility.

As a child, I was passionate about dance and studied it for many years. I was always precise and wanted to try to be the best at what I did. I always sought a school far from home to step out of my comfort zone and meet other people. I studied classical subjects, but I always attended English lessons since I was 7 years old. From there, I began to understand that I was more inclined towards languages.

Finally, I finished school. I say 'finally' not out of arrogance, but because I never felt adequately appreciated by the education system. I always believed I hadn't given my all, and in return, the best hadn't been provided to me.

At the age of 18, I moved to Rome to pursue a degree in intercultural linguistic mediation. Upon arriving, I found myself missing everything that once made me feel oppressed. Living independently at a young age taught me a valuable lesson: with solid roots, you can travel anywhere and still have a place to call "home".

During my studies, I started working in a law firm to handle administrative tasks and earn my own income. I found the working world more relatable than academia and felt more accomplished when working towards specific goals.

I moved to Milan for a variety of reasons, including personal growth and change. Here, I gained much experience, particularly working in social media. However, a transformative trip to Africa shifted my priorities. Experiencing a world vastly different from my own touched my heart, leading me to realize that I needed to face entirely different realities to truly grow and change my perspective. It became clear that my focus was not solely on career advancement, but also on exploring the world.

Thatโ€™s why I chose to become a flight attendant, to combine my desire to travel and still be independent, fully aware of the challenges ahead. I was determined to travel far, so I only considered airlines that could fulfill this aspiration. 

Upon being hired, I entered into the most extensive and transformative phase of my life. This amazing and astounding job offered me lessons that books couldn't teach. It's a role where you are entirely independent, and your work becomes your life. Each month, I undertook four to five lengthy trips. I visited numerous countries, each one offering something unique

Then came the pandemic, probably the most challenging period for me. My contract expired, leaving me jobless in Milan and unable to see my parents and my friends, again. Post-pandemic, I moved back to Rome, above all to get closer to my family. Here I began working in the human resources department of a company. While extensively using LinkedIn, I stumbled upon Exein. Even though I wasn't actively seeking, I applied for the position of the CEO's executive assistant. The interview led to an immediate connection, and I accepted the job.

What do I appreciate about Exein? Naturally, I can't discuss Exein without mentioning Gianni. I believe that a large part of what Exein is, if not all, can be attributed to Gianni as an individual, even before considering his professionalism. I greatly value the fact that despite being the CEO, he has established a company where all individuals are recognized not merely as employees. There's a sense that the search for individuals often extends beyond their professional skills. This is the first time in my life that I've been surrounded by such well-rounded individuals, both on a personal and professional level.

In my hometown, there's a saying: "stay with those who are better than you," even at the risk of losing. I've always been passionate about learning and finding like-minded individuals to share ideas with. I see myself as an empathetic person with a unique story, and I appreciate being surrounded by insightful individuals. I believe this speaks to Gianni's skill. He has the ability to see the individual behind the professional, and I think thatโ€™s the cut above for a leader.

Another saying goes, "don't bring your work home," and I adhere to it. However, I do bring home new knowledge gained from colleagues each day. To me, this is the most beautiful and significant aspect. I consider this the real gift Iโ€™m receiving from my experience in Exein.

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