Introducing Georgia Libera Finstad HR Manager at Exein

Introducing Georgia Libera Finstad HR Manager at Exein

I am privileged to have a diverse international background, rooted in both the rich culture of Italy and the vibrant diversity of the United States. Italy, however, has been my primary home.

During my psychology studies, a crucial decision awaited me in my second year. I had to choose between a clinical path or psychology of work and organizations. Embracing this challenge, I chose to follow a path less travelled, one paved with HR policies, training programs, and the fascinating puzzle of people and workplaces.

However, during the final stages of my university studies, I started an ambitious experimental project for my thesis. The project explored the complex relationship between individuals and technology, focusing primarily on the phenomenon of techno-stress. It was a resounding success and arguably the catalyst for my passion for technology.

After graduation, I chose to further my research. I was fortunate enough to secure a scholarship and began my Ph.D. But soon, I began to notice a willingness to apply theoretical principles in real-world settings. This insight prompted a period of introspection and reconsideration of my career trajectory.

This brought me to another crossroads: should I continue down the research path, or should I transition into the corporate world?

At the time, I was preparing to cross the Atlantic to further my studies at the University of Florida. I had just returned from an enriching experience at the University of Seville and was leaning towards continuing in academia. However, a desire for gaining professional experience was growing within me.

I began searching for professional opportunities in the technology sector and soon found that Exein's vision and mission perfectly aligned with my research. The company made a strong impression on me.

Using the organizational frameworks I learned from academia, I seized the opportunity to apply them in the corporate world.

What I like about Exein? I greatly value Exein's distinct emphasis on recognizing individuals beyond their professional contributions. Employees are viewed not merely as performers of tasks, but as complete individuals whose mental and emotional well-being is prioritized. The company maintains open channels for communication, allowing suggestions to flow freely and addressing any needs promptly. Employees are encouraged to feel a part of the company's fabric and understand that their tasks contribute to a common, shared goal.

We really do prioritize employee engagement and retention, acknowledging that employees, particularly in specialized technical fields like ours, are invaluable resources.

Regarding my current role, I wish to express my deep thanks for the trust my superiors place in me. This freedom gives me the latitude to not only propose new and innovative projects that can potentially add value to our operations, but also to carry out comprehensive evaluations of the requirements and needs of my colleagues, as well as the overall work environment. As a Human Resources professional at Exein, my responsibilities span the full spectrum of the field. This broad scope of duties encompasses every facet of HR and presents me with myriad opportunities to learn and grow on a daily basis.

I take pride in working in an engaging environment that encourages my growth and offers constant new learning experiences and above all, I value the relationships within the office and the positive atmosphere created by an exceptional team of experts.

In essence, Exein provides not just a workplace, but a platform for professional evolution and meaningful connections.

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