Introducing Hoang Duy Trinh Machine Learning Engineer

Introducing Hoang Duy Trinh Machine Learning Engineer

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with Machine Learning: My Journey at Exein

Mathematics has always been a strong suit of mine.

In fact, during my high school years, I was fortunate enough to become part of the mathematics team, which offered me a gateway to participate in national math competitions. This experience not only provided endless fun but also served as an opportunity for sharpening my mathematical abilities.

I chose a degree in Telecommunications Engineering in University. The attraction to this field lay in its promise of technological advancements and the potential to shape the future of communication, but upon graduating in 2016, I found myself at a crossroads.

The telecommunications industry had seemingly reached its peak in terms of innovation and novel techniques and it became apparent that to continue my quest for intellectual growth and to explore uncharted territories, I needed to broaden my horizons.

However, during this period, I noticed that the applications surrounding telecommunications, such as augmented reality and machine learning, were gaining significant traction. This sparked my interest in exploring this novel domain.

I started a Ph.D. in Barcelona, where I had the freedom to choose my research topics. One of the areas I focused on was machine learning applied to mobile networks like 5G, a field that was yet to be fully developed.

Engaging in pure research and publishing academic papers provided me with invaluable experience in this new and exciting field.

While today's trend revolves around generating text and image data with models like Chat GPT, a few years ago, the emphasis was on understanding the internal structure of smaller models and determining their suitability for specific applications and I really enjoyed it.

Following the completion of my Ph.D. I returned to Italy in search of machine learning opportunities, with a desire to transition away from telecommunications. In fact, what drew me to Exein was its focus on machine learning and advanced techniques, particularly in the realm of developing a ML-based cybersecurity system that was yet to be realized.

So I joined Exein, and found that everything  was in its experimental phase, presenting an opportunity for me to start from scratch and explore a world of new possibilities.

Obviously the early stages were marked  by a spirit of experimentation (and chaos!), as there was no predefined product, but rather a shared determination to address the absence of a scalable and compatible cybersecurity system for IoT devices.

Armed with a team of six engineers, each with their own unique areas of expertise, we set out on an exhilarating journey of exploration and innovation. Together, we started conducting experiments and refining our ideas to pave the way for groundbreaking revolutionary solutions.

This period was incredibly rewarding, fueled by our collective goal of creating from scratch a cybersecurity solution within the IoT ecosystem.

The freedom to propose ideas, engage in open discussions, and receive valuable feedback from colleagues is what truly makes our engineering work so fulfilling and that's definitely what I like most about Exein.

Now at Exein, we leverage the power of Generative AI, enabling us to not only comprehend but also create synthetic data. With tools like Pulsar, we provide contextual insights into our clients' devices, detecting potential attacks and offering preventive measures in real-time.

Here, we thrive on pushing the boundaries of innovation, constantly exploring uncharted territories, and creating  revolutionary solutions from the ground up.

Being a part of this pioneering team fills me with immense joy, as we work to  create a safer and more secure digital landscape.

In summary, what I discovered during the last few years is that passion is a formidable force. It empowers us to choose our own path and fully dedicate ourselves to it. By doing so, we liberate ourselves from constraints and assume a responsibility deeply connected to our own desires and ambitions.

Finding a workplace like Exein, where exploration and discovery are encouraged, can amplify the effects of passion.

It is through this synergy that we can make remarkable contributions and shape our own success.

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