Introducing Krešimir Pehar Front-End Engineer at Exein

Introducing Krešimir Pehar Front-End Engineer at Exein

From Electronics Enthusiast to Cybersecurity Front-End Engineer: Unveiling My Journey of Passion and Growth

Like many in this field, I was captivated by electronics and gadgets from an early age.

I knew I wanted to do something engineering related, I’ve always known.

But it was one professor during college that completely transported me into the world of programming. The lecture was all about user Interfaces, user experience rules and best practices that we applied to the react web application at the end. I was completely gone!

In that exact moment I found my purpose and career choice, I remember the feeling that was it.

My journey to Exein involved several crossroads. After gaining experience working for a company in Croatia post-graduation, I found myself at a career crossroad while in Oxford, UK.

One day, while I was going about my daily business, I received a message from Juxhin. He told me about an open front-end position at Exein, a company that I had heard about before but never really considered as a potential employer.

At first, I was hesitant and unsure if it was the right move for me. However, Juxhin's enthusiasm and passion for the company convinced me to take the leap and apply for the position. I went through the interview process and was offered the job.

Looking back, I am grateful that I decided to take the chance and pursue this opportunity. It has been a great experience so far and I have gained valuable skills and knowledge that I would not have otherwise acquired.

One particular memory stands out vividly from my early days at Exein. It was an all hands meeting and the most memorable captivating vision was the amazement that sparkled in my colleagues eyes while the company presented its future plans and celebrated our achievements. From that moment I thought I had chosen the right company.

In Exein, I’m working as a Front-end Engineer. I contribute to Exein Runtime project, collaborating closely with the back-end team.

My main responsibility revolves around creating a comprehensive dashboard that categorizes events as either non-threat (good/normal) or threat events, providing our clients with valuable insights into their cybersecurity posture.

One of my primary challenges is effectively presenting all the events while maintaining optimal dashboard performance. Working with live data displayed across multiple graphs and tables simultaneously demands careful attention to ensure a seamless user experience.

It's a fulfilling role that has introduced me to the cybersecurity field and it’s a  great feeling to know that we are working on something that is so important right now on a global basis. Everyone is starting to care about cybersecurity and that’s  what I find most important, we are working on something that will  be used all over the globe.

Outside of work, I have an interesting hobby that some may find unconventional: chess. I'm an avid chess player and play it on a daily basis.

In some way I feel it has some similarities with programming, as both require strategic thinking, problem-solving, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, the ability to focus and obviously.. patience, patience patience!

But what intrigues me the most about chess is its peculiar nature—it's a game where luck doesn't come into play. Everyone follows the same rules, and there are no external factors or unfair conditions. It's a level playing field where success depends solely on skill and intelligence, making each move on the chessboard an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

In addition to chess, I've recently taken up rowing as a sport. Our rowing team is preparing for the upcoming rowing marathon in Croatia, which will be televised nationally. It's an exciting endeavor, and we are proud to be the only team representing Bosnia and Herzegovina. :)

Overall, my journey in programming has been one of discovery, growth, and finding my passion and meaning. During these years at Exein I’ve had the chance to meet with many incredible people. I’ve gotten to see firsthand that passion looks like many different things, but that it is always a powerful and inspiring force.

Sure our job is not easy. Nothing important ever is. But it is worth it. Do the hard work to understand true success!

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