Introducing Nunzia Cassese Head of Marketing at Exein

Introducing Nunzia Cassese Head of Marketing at Exein

My Marketing Journey: From Agency Life to B2B Tech at Exein

Marketing was never a path that I had intentionally charted for myself, it simply happened.

During the years when I was choosing my degree course, the field of communications was gaining popularity, and it immediately caught my attention. It offered a practical program  that also allowed me to explore my interests in psychology and humanities.

In addition, the degree included courses in cinema and anthropology, which turned out to be very interesting and opened my mind.

Let's say that if we want to find a fil rouge between what I wanted to do and what I did it can be my passion for stories. I’ve always loved the story, the fable, the storytelling. I deeply believe that one things that makes the human experience unique is our ability to tell and listen to stories.

The first compelling narratives were definitely the ones my grandmother told me when I was a kid. Fairy tales of ghosts, monsters that made my skin crawl but also intrigued me. Those simple narratives, invented on the spot,  made me realize the true power of a good story.

This realization led me down the path towards marketing, where I now have the privilege of using the art of storytelling to captivate audiences and drive growth.

Anyway, taking a step back, I started from the bottom, working almost for free in agencies in Naples and nearby. I'll never regret those years as they were invaluable in teaching me the ins and outs of marketing. And I would recommend a few years in agency to all new marketers as it gives you the opportunity to see multiple clients with different needs that have different clients as targets. (was that a tongue twister?)

After a few years, I just realized that I had been doing the same thing repeatedly and wasn't growing vertically. That's when I decided to take a bold leap and pack my bags for London, the bustling metropolis renowned for its endless opportunities.

London was not just a matter of taking a big step out of my comfort zone; it was an entire process of personal reinvention. I found myself immersed in a new culture, surrounded by diverse people, learning to adapt to an entirely different way of life and work.

I worked in both agency and client-side positions, driven by a hunger to learn and improve both hard and soft skills. I gained a deeper understanding of how companies function and how the marketing team collaborates with other departments to position products and target audiences.

I must say, London surprised me in many ways, but what stood out was the different approach to marketing. The opportunity to invest time and money in research before any activity.

Anyway, after almost ten years in London, I just realized that I was ready to come back.

Our country is famous for food and beverage predominantly, and I felt those worlds did not belong to me. I was determined to find a position in the tech industry, which had always been my area of expertise.

When the opportunity arose to join Exein, a cutting-edge cybersecurity company, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. Beyond working for an Italian technology company, here at Exein we work with real excellence. The world of cybersecurity represents the future. We are a niche in cybersecurity but a niche that has a huge impact, just look at the projections about cyberattacks to IoT devices.

And from a marketing perspective, everyday is a challenge. Creating a story about something that is not even visible is what I find so fulfilling. We don't have just one audience, and the real game-changer is creating different stories for different audiences.

The difficulty lies in figuring out how to make a complex story, such as Exein's, accessible to different levels of knowledge: from technical such as developers to end users. To the public.

Cybersecurity is a complex beast, and there is a lot of misinformation out there. We have a role in educating the public and clarifying misconceptions.

As head of marketing, on the other hand, my priority is to make the company understand what we're about, align company ambitions with marketing activities.

I deeply believe that the stories we tell and the technologies we create can really generate a positive impact on the world.

And here in Exein we will continue to bring them together to shape a better future for us all into the next decade and beyond.

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